Truthful Marketintg

Accurate, Appealing, Distinctive

“Jeffrey can not only position your products, he can position the positioning of your products. He is wonderfully talented. Marketing is not just brainstorming. Jeffrey employs a methodology while many others just shoot from the hip.”

Dave Stephens

Former VP of Development, Oracle Corporation







Truthful Marketing boils down the apparent complexities of marketing into a few straightforward guiding principles based on the idea of creating and communicating a good match between your business and your potential customers.

The Truthful Marketing methodology was developed by software marketing executive Jeffrey Pease, who has marketed for individuals, startups and multi-billion dollar software companies. Jeffrey is a published writer and internationally experienced speaker, who turns such complicated tasks as product positioning into simple, structured processes. Since earning his MBA from Cornell Business School, he has supported major account sales, trained salespeople, and delivered customer and conference presentations in a dozen countries.

Jeffrey offers educational programs in Truthful Marketing to organizations and individuals and organizations outside of the software industry.